Emily Bernstein | Eszter Párkányi

Emily Bernstein | Eszter Párkányi,
Emily Bernstein | Eszter Párkányi

Emily Bernstein (right) is a Research MA student in Linguistics at Leiden University. Her research interests include sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, language and law, and language, gender and sexuality.

Eszter Párkányi (left) is a lawyer-criminologist, interested in the implementation of children’s rights in European juvenile justice systems. Currently she is a Research Assistant at the University of Leeds.

Emily and Eszter worked together at the Netherlands Helsinki Committee in The Hague. Their discussions about the (mis)understandings concerning requirements of international law evolved into a greater goal: to find a way to stimulate discourse on these issues among the general public and to encourage lawyers and linguists to work together. To this end, they have joined forces and are currently working together on a research project that examines linguistic gaps in international laws, which will be presented in a series of blog posts.